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“Allow me to express my sincere appreciation that American Cutting Edge has provided to our company. We have increased our client base to include numerous customers requiring specialty cutting and slitter blades. In one instance your firm took the end users blade and provided a ceramic-coated blade, which provided nearly 4 times the life for nearly the same cost. Thanks again for all the great service.”

“Various blade manufacturers were interested in our special blade project, none were as forthcoming and helpful as American Cutting Edge. Their expertise and professionalism helped us to bring this project to a successful conclusion in a timely manner. They met our cost objectives, to compete in today’s market.”

“American Cutting Edge excels to an excellent rating in providing quick and effective action in emergencies. They have a sincere desire to serve us, handle complaints promptly, provide outstanding technical support, and our sales representative at American Cutting Edge is very knowledgeable about his company and our product”

“We recommend American Cutting Edge for our network procurement award for their stainless steel cutting blades. These blades have met and exceeded our value added idea target of increased business by 7% to 10% after one fiscal year. Because of this, we select them for our stainless steel blades annually. Congratulations on your efforts”

“Our Company regards the product quality, reliability, and service from American Cutting Edge to be second to none in the industry. No one here can recall a time or occasion where American Cutting Edge failed to live up to or exceed our service expectations.”

“We are well pleased with the quality, prices, and service received from American Cutting Edge.”

“As a distributor of American Cutting Edge products, we think that it is a company that has excellent quality blades, but also has what we consider more important than the product itself, and that is excellent service to the customer.”

“In that our company is a huge multinational company, there is probably no one person who has a grip on razor knife applications in use throughout the company. Because of this when our cutting lab is asked to recommend a razor blade, it is American Cutting Edge that we turn to first and they continue to be my preference for razor products. Rest assured that we are satisfied with the customer service and product quality of American Cutting Edge and that as needs arise we will not hesitate to contact you”

“Congratulations, we did it. Thanks for all your help and responsiveness. You have been a great asset in the development of our product. Your outstanding reaction to the customer throughout this process, and through today is what made this possible!! A great relationship with a Fortune 100 company has been won. Thanks to you our supplier.”

“I was very pleased with the assistance you provided on this first project and will definitely keep you in mind when the next application comes up”

“We rate American Cutting Edge as a very good supplier. They are always on time and provide a quality product!”

“We have been very pleased with the service and quality on every purchase. The top quality products are always delivered on time and the teamwork with American cutting Edge was outstanding. This reaffirms our opinion, that American Cutting Edge is a top razor blades products supplier.”

“When I was in need of a different or better product I received immediate service and was very satisfied with the options made available to me. I have always been made to feel that my needs are important by American Cutting Edge”

“Our company really enjoys working with your organization. You have the most accommodating personnel and a very reliable staff that our company can count on. In our business, which deals with the OEM automobile manufacturers, it is important to have reliable vendors. You fall into that category. I just wanted to personally thank you and tell you how much your services mean to our company.”

“We want to thank you and your employees for going that “extra effort” to fill our orders throughout this past year. We cannot emphasize the assistance your entire team performs for us and the miracles you accomplish for our varying needs and demands.”

“Thanks very much for your help and diligence in helping us to resolve our cutting problems. We were able to cut 5400 consecutive pieces. Previously, the most pieces we could cut was 5000! The operator was really happy with the performance of your blade!!”

“…the quality of customer service from both your company and your sister company CB Manufacturing really is impeccable.  It’s like working with GEICO insurance or flying Singapore Airlines.  It’s so refreshing to see others operate professionally; with such attention to detail and a focus that doesn’t fail to fulfill the needs of even small, infrequent accounts like Teleflow.  Thank you.”