Job Opportunities

American Cutting Edge is proud to be named as one of the ‘2014 Top 25 Best Places to Work’ in Dayton.

To apply, click on this contact us link and select ‘Job Inquiry’ as the Reason for Contact. Complete the contact form, attach your resume and click Submit.

American Cutting Edge is currently seeking two temporary positions for a period of approximately 2-months to assist us with work through a transitional period. If you’re looking for short-term contract work, please click this contact us link, attach your resume and click Submit.

Part-time or Full-time Warehouse Associate – The purpose of this role is assist our current warehouse associates in the picking/packing/shipping of products. We have some flexibility with the number of work hours each week.   Work will begin soon in rearranging the warehouse into a new configuration to better support the company’s shipping/warehousing needs. This person will be helping out shipping during the transition to ensure that there is no disruption in the shipping process through this project. Candidates with warehouse or forklift driving experience are preferred, but this experience is not a requirement if the person has initiative and the ability to learn quickly.
Full-time CNC Mill Operator –  This is another temporary position to help us maintain on-time delivery rates specifically for our Barclay customer in the short-term. To be considered, candidates must have some milling or CNC machine operating experience.