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Custom & Specialty Blades

Not all blades are created equal. Also, not all blades have been created yet. We can help with custom and specialty blades.

If you have a blade need, and you have the volume to make it work, we can build you a custom knife or industrial blade to work in your application. Basically, if you can draw it or supply a sample, we can manufacture it.

Straight, round, toothed or beveled, with or without a handle or holding assembly, packaged for direct sale or bulk packed for your production lines. Food, Rubber, Flooring, Ice, Steel, Plastics, Paper, Textile, and every industry in between, American Cutting Edge can help.

Need a steel or carbide wear part that is not a blade? We can still help. Some of our best customers do not even use blades. We specialize in the grinding and machining of large steel parts, in volume, to precise tolerances. If this sounds like someone that could help your business grow, give us a call.

Contact your Representative today to see if American Cutting Edge can help you improve your profits and decrease your processing costs.

Custom Blades