Columbus McKinnon Shredder Knives

All Columbus McKinnon shredder knives are manufactured to OEM length, width, and hole centrality tolerances. In addition, we use a premium tool steel with a higher content of vanadium than the OEM; this coupled with triple tempering provides you with the most wear resistant, and toughest knife available on the market today. The increased wear resistance provides you with a measurable increase in performance and allows you to reduce the frequency of knife changes annually saving you thousands on your knife and bolt replacement cost. American Cutting Edge simply produces the finest CM replacement knife available.

In addition to replacement knives, we offer premium wear plates made of D2 tool steel, tie bars and the custom grade 8 bolts for knife replacement. Why pay the premium OEM price for replacement parts when you can save thousands purchasing a better product at extremely competitive pricing.

American Cutting Edge also offers sharpening on any brand CM knife. Our 5-point white glove service includes pre-cleaning inspection, Vibratory cleaning, inspection, precision grinding to OEM specification utilizing our state of the art precision grinders, and final inspection. Typical turn around for sharpening service is only 72 hours why wait and pay more. Call us today and maximize your shredders potential.



Columbus McKinnon Compatible Model 2.0 Shredder Blade