Extrusion Cut-Off

With materials and profile capabilities making regular advancements, why haven’t your knives followed suit? They Have!

American Cutting Edge makes and supplies knives to fit AccuFly®, Conair, Gatto, Goodman, RDN, Versa, and many other machines. From the old standards of Blue Tempered Spring Steel, 301 Stainless, and D2 Tool Steel to the new Bright Spring Steels, Powdered Metals, and solid Carbides, we can engineer a knife to cut your product.

With the quality and precision of the bevels being paramount, we sell knives for the cutting of both soft and rigid plastic profiles, formed and lined rubber products, and many other special applications.

Contact your Knife Specialist today to see if American Cutting Edge can help you improve your profits and decrease your processing costs.



Extrusion Cut-Off