Meat Skinning Blades

American Cutting Edge is a predominant supplier of meat skinning blades around the world.  We supply skinning blades for most machines: Townsend, Maja, Meyn, Grasselli, Weber, Best & Donovan, Varlet, and Cretel*. What makes a good meat skinning blade? Material selection is critical but also good, consistent heat treating is a must. We cryogenically harden our skinning blades to ensure a consistent metallurgical structure throughout the blade. Lastly, a keen bevel makes a real difference in the performance of meat skinning blades. We polish our final angles to a very fine RMS finish, to reduce loading of cut material as well as allow the blade to pass better through the meat. Additionally, this fine finish reduces the amounts of microscopic nicks in the cutting edge, offering a finer cut for a longer period of time. Our meat skinning blades are packed 4 per sleeve in a protective plastic package although we can provide bulked packed blades at a slight savings. However, these blades are fine cutting instruments and care should always be taken to avoid any damage to the blades in transport or storage.

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The sizes of meat skinning blades we usually produce and stock are as specified by the OEMs, but we can make custom sizes as needed. The most common industry-standard sizes are:
434 mm     17 inches
445 mm     17.5 inches
499 mm     19.6 inches
517 mm     20 inches
554 mm     22 inches
599 mm     23.5 inches

70 – 720mm or more 22mm / 0.866″ 0.7mm / 0.027″
70 – 720mm or more 20mm / 0.787″ 1.0mm / 0.039″
70 – 720mm or more 25mm / 0.984″ 0.7mm / 0.027″




*American Cutting Edge is not an authorized dealer nor has any relation to the fore mentioned OEM dealers. Townsend is a registered trademark of Marel Meat Processing Inc. Marel is a registered trademark of Marel hf.