Meat Processing

American Cutting Edge offers a broad range of high-quality commercial meat processing knives and blades. Commercial food processing equipment knives from American Cutting Edge are made from high-quality carbon and stain-free, high-carbon steels and are ground to the sharpest edge to provide a clean and precise cut that lasts longer.

You Can’t Beat ACE’s Expertise in Manufacturing Food Processing Knives 

ACE is a leading manufacturer of food and meat processing replacement knives and blades. As one a trusted supplier, our premium quality blades ship quickly. Our in-house engineering and industrial knife specialists are available to help optimize your meat processing operation. Whether you’re experiencing too much downtime due to frequent change-outs or you’re not getting the quality of cut you need, ACE has the expertise to troubleshoot your operation and perform failure analysis to determine the best way to improve quality, reduce costs, and increase yield.

We offer ACE brand replacement commercial processing equipment knives for most OEMs including Townsend®, FoodCraft®, Globe®, Hobart®, Weber, Natec®, Pappas®, InjectStar®, Anco®, Gamco®, Weiler®, Wolfking/CFS®, Bizzerba®, Dixie Union®, AEW Thurne®, Baader®, Maja®, Jarvis®, Pearce®, and many more.

Don’t see exactly what you need? No problem! ACE offers custom meat processing knives and blades engineered to your exact specifications.

Some of our primary markets include:

Beef & Pork
Emulsification & Grinding Inserts, Plates, and Holders
Bowl Choppers
Specialty Knives and Blades
Meat Skinning Blades



*American Cutting Edge is not an authorized dealer nor has any relation to the aforementioned OEM dealers. Townsend is a registered trademark of Marel Meat Processing Inc. Gamco is a registered trademark of Marel Stork Poultry Processing Inc.