Beef & Pork

Burgers, Steaks, Chops, Loins, Cubes, and Ribs… Yes, they are great but they don’t just “happen” to be in the quality and size that you like. This is where American Cutting Edge comes in. We supply the professional beef and pork processing blades that the true professionals need to make this happen.

Working in Stainless, Carbon, Tool, and Powdered steels, we have the knowledge and ability to supply you with a knife to cut your costs and increase your throughput. If you need 50 pieces or 500,000 pieces, we can help. With R&D Programs and Warehousing Agreements for the high-volume users, American Cutting Edge is the partner you’ve been looking for.
Some of our primary markets include:

  • Emulsification & Grinding Inserts, Plates, and Holders
    -Weiler, Wolfking, Pappas, Simco, etc.
  • Bowl Choppers
    -Weber, Anco, Thurne, etc.
  • Specialty
Pork blade