Fiber & Fiberglass Blades

We are a leading manufacturer of Fiber Cutting and Chopper Blades for the fiber and fiberglass manufacturing and recycling industries and have been for over 50 Years. These blades are used in fiberglass cutting machines to cut fibers and fiberglass to various industry standards as well as custom lengths to be used in the fiber, textile and composites industries. Choosing American Cutting Edge means choosing a company offering five decades of experience and knowledge, and the supplier of precision blades that are the choice of industry leaders worldwide. View our flyer for Fiber and Fiberglass cutting blades here!

We offer a variety of stock staple fiber chopping and fiberglass cutting blades and a range of materials for wet chop or dry chop applications, as well as fiberglass recycling knives. We are also able to custom manufacture blades to your specific requirements. Please contact us for any custom inquiries.

Our Staple Fiber Blades include:

  • Mark IV and Mark V Blades – These blades are primarily used in tow cutting and fiber chopping.
  • Krupp Blades – These blades are used in finer chopping applications.
  • Staple Blades – These blades come in two standard sizes and are used for fiber chopping.
  • Chopper Gun Blades – These blades are used to chop fiberglass that is mixed with a resin and used in a sprayed application.
  • Hook Blade Knives – These hook blades are widely used as utility knives for textiles, roofing, and flooring because of their ability to cut surface materials without damaging the contents beneath.
  • Pierret® Style Recycling Knives – These American Cutting Edge brand knives are designed to the OEM standard and are available in a variety of raw materials to meet your needs.

Our fiber and fiberglass cutting blades are recognized as some of the best blades in the industry. This is because we are able to offer 50 years of experience, as well as a variety of materials and coatings to increase blade life.

Available Materials

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
    – 420 and 440 Series Stainless for Wet Chop applications
  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Zirconia Ceramic


  • TiN – Titanium Nitride
  • TC – Titanium Carbide
  • Ceramic