Custom Blades

We enjoy the opportunity to make the best custom knives and blades and exceed our customers’ expectations.

We manufacture custom blades in:

  • Every conceivable shape
  • Ultra close tolerances (Often measuring in the ten-thousandths of an inch)
  • Burr free edges

We can custom make these specialty blades to meet demands in multi-million piece blade orders, while also catering to smaller quantity, prototype orders. This gives the customer the best custom blade sampling before entering into a full production run.

Our sales engineers and product specialists are ready to help you with:

  • Design specifications
  • Material selection
  • Packaging solutions

Our factories combine state of the art production technology and in-process quality control equipment to guarantee that the highest quality custom blades are produced for each and every customer.

If you need your industrial blades and machine knives manufactured to your exact requirements or are looking for an OEM compatible razor blade or knife, contact us today.


Custom Razor Blades & Machine Knives

Custom Razor Blades & Machine Knives