Mario Cotta Lisa Holder

Mario Cotta’s bestselling holder the Lisa provides a patented blade cartridge unlocking system that delivers an ultimate cutting positioning and easy access for maintenance activity.

Quick Blade Changes

With only two parts, the body and blade cartridge, worn blades can be safely removed and replaced in a matter of seconds saving valuable time. The body remains on the dovetail; the cartridge with the worn blade is removed, and a new cartridge with a sharp replacement blade is installed. It’s that simple, safe, and fast!

Mario Cotta Lisa Holder Features and Benefits

  • Cartridge can be easily removed so the cutting point doesn’t change eliminating the need for calibration.
  • Razor blade cartridge can be mounted on the same providing greater flexibility. Switch from circulars to razors in just seconds.
  • Optional fine stroke adjustment available for half cut functionality when full depth cut isn’t required.
  • A reinforced version is available that works up to 8.5 bar making cutting the toughest materials easy.

Product Specifications

  • Standard width .5 “
  • Reinforced width .618”
  • Stroke: .629”
  • Blade : 3”
  • Max Speed : 1,076.37’/min

See the Mario Cotta Lisa Holder in action

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