LUTZ® Blades

LUTZ Blades from American Cutting Edge

American Cutting Edge is the preferred LUTZ® blade distributor in the United States. American Cutting Edge and LUTZ Blades have been working together to bring better blade solutions to customers for over 30 years.

Let the ACE team help you identify the right LUTZ industrial blade for your specific application so you can achieve the exact cut to reduce downtime, improve production, and improve blade life. With a reputation for quality and precise cutting, LUTZ Blades has been making blades and cutters since 1922.

Want more information on slitting and converting? Download The Ultimate Guide to Slitting and Converting Knives to learn about how you can get more out your slitting operation through the optimization of your slitting blades, why it’s important to select the right slitting blade manufacturer, and how you can get the most from your slitter blades.

If you’d like some quick tips on how to improve the performance of your converting knives, check out our blog.

Are you cutting fiberglass or fiber? American Cutting Edge can help you identify the exact blade you need for your specific application. LUTZ industrial blades are known worldwide for their durability, consistency, and high-quality cut.

Call 1-888-543-6860 to speak with one of our converting or fiber experts who can help you identify the best product for your application today.