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Zirconia Ceramic Blade Knives

Since the 1970s, we have been using ceramics to manufacture our zirconia ceramic blades and knives. We had been very successful with tungsten carbide blades for use as razor blades but some of our customers had special applications where they needed zirconia ceramic blades. Zirconia ceramic blades are even more brittle than Tungsten carbide blades, so we searched for the right material for this special application.

Very High Hardness

These ceramic blades can only be ground using diamond because of their very high hardness. We tried many different diamond wheels to find the right ones and today we are the best at machining the best finishes possible on our zirconia ceramic blades. Our cutting edges are a 2 to 4 RMS finish and we can even do better than that if it is required. With our combination of material selection, special grinding machines and knowledge of knife-making, we are the natural choice when you need zirconia ceramic blades for your cutting operation.

Many In Stock Today

We have a large inventory of zirconia ceramic blades and cutting knives in many styles. What may be a special blade to you might not be for us. Send us your requirements so we can check our inventory. Zirconia ceramic blades are used for cutting capsules, packaging, rubber, fiber, plastics, film, foil, mat board as well as other products. Our goal as your knife blade supplier is to make cutting effortless so your experience is smooth from the start of your order to the delivery of your blades through the duration of the product lifetime.

When you need a manufacturing company or ceramic blades supplier that can assist you all the way from design through production, we can help. Put our experts to work for your cutting operation today!

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