Scraper Blades

We offer a wide selection of scraper blades, suitable for a broad variety of applications. Our scraper blades remove putty, glue, adhesives, or paint from smooth surfaces like tile, glass, floors, and walls. Precision ground and crafted from the finest materials, our blades are durable, and well suited to any scraper needs.

Our knowledgeable team can help you to select the right scraper blade for your application needs and budget. We are the industry experts in blades and knives of all kinds and know what important features to look for. Our objective is to help our customers maximize their effectiveness and efficiency with the best cutting edge products available.

Why Choose Scraper Blades from American Cutting Edge?
American Cutting Edge not only manufactures the best scraper blades, we also provide the best sales service and support. We offer our customers the ultimate in performance, quality, service, and delivery at an excellent price, for an excellent value in scraper blades. Providing our customers with the best is the focus of all that we do. By sharing our 40 years of experience in the knife and blade business we can make your purchasing process simple. Our goal is to provide you with the benefit of our knowledge and expertise, and to live up to our motto of being a company that is “easy to do business with.”

Materials and Technical Specifications
American Cutting Edge a number of scraper blades, made with stainless steels, tool steels, powdered metals, tungsten carbides, and are protected with corrosion and wear resistant coatings. Our scraper blades are available in a variety of sizes and options including:

4″ Scraper Blade
5″ Scraper Blade
8″ Scraper Blade
4″ Ultimate Scraper Blade
8″ Ultimate Scraper Blade

For added convenience and safety, a 4″ scraper blade 100 pack dispenser is also available. Our manufacturing process includes state-of-the-art in-house heat-treating and cryogenics capability, which optimizes the durability of our blades. We offer premium quality scraper blades to suit your needs.

American Cutting Edge scraper blades are the choice for removing adhesives and other stubborn substances from surfaces such as glass or tile. Or experts can help you determine what size will best meet the needs of your job, and to determine whether you need the scraper blade or the ultimate scraper blade.