Scalloped Blades

American Cutting Edge produces scalloped blades for industries such as bakery, produce, dairy, snack foods, meat cutting, cereals and other markets.  We also make a scalloped shaped blade that can be used in non-food industries such as Styrofoam and insulation.  We also called these wavy blades as the edges look like the waves in the ocean. Just like you might use scalloped blades in your kitchen, these type blades are great for slicing action as the “waves” extend the cutting area and create a better angle for slicing.

Often scalloped blades are heat-treated on the edge only, leaving the back part of the blade softer and thus more resistant to breakage.  Of course, we can also heat-treat the entire blade for applications where breakage is not an issue.  For many food applications, 300 series stainless steel is the best choice.  In these cases, we will use the hardness as it comes from the steel mill, called “half-hardness” or “full hardness”.

If you need blades with a single bevel, a double bevel or even a compound double bevel, we have the expertise to make them.  Our focus is to make consistent quality blades where the 10,000th piece is as good as the first piece.  Your need is not confined to one blade, you need to be sure they are all good.

We also have special equipment to make prototype blades at a very good cost.  We have in-house EDM and laser machines to cut out pieces so you can try out your design before committing to a larger order.  We are also happy to help you with your design, let our 35+ years of knife and blade knowledge help guide you to the perfect blade!

Whatever your blade needs, we can help.  We can help specify material and hardness, as well as edge geometry.  We can then help with low-cost prototype blades and then take you to the next level, production orders.  We look forward to hearing from you!