Razor Knives

Trust American Cutting Edge to supply your razor knife needs. Our razor knives have been developed with the user in mind, and innovatively designed to be well suited to a variety of applications. Our hand held razor knives are made to be ergonomically comfortable to use, durable, and long lasting. Choose from many razor knife designs to find the one best suited to your cutting needs.

Why Choose American Cutting Edge Razor Knives?
In addition to providing the best knife and blade products available, we give our customers the best support and outstanding service. We bring you the best over-all value in your razor knife purchase because our products are backed by excellence in quality, functionality, delivery, service, and price, as well as over 40 years of experience. Serving the needs of our customers is the focus of our business. That’s why “easy to do business with” is our motto and our way of life.

Materials and Technical Specifications
We use only the highest quality materials and best manufacturing methods to produce our razor knives. Our knives are available in all standard sizes, in light, medium, and heavy duty designs.

American Cutting Edge razor knives are great for a variety of jobs that require the cutting of materials such as vinyl, linoleum, carpeting, shingles, drywall, and fiberglass. Our razor knives are widely used for construction applications.

When customers ask our assistance with selecting the right razor knife for their application, we advise them to consider the job they need to do. With this in mind, determine which razor knife features are the most needed. Our selection brings you razor knives to economically fill your utility needs, and provide ergonomic benefits.

We do caution that cutting laminates and wood with a hand knife is not recommended.