Hook Blades

American Cutting Edge is proud to be the industry leader in hook blades. Offering the finest German hook blades available, we dominate the market with service and quality. Hook blades are widely used for textiles, roofing, and flooring and because of their ability to cut surface materials without damaging the contents beneath.

The experienced American Cutting Edge team can help you select the right hook blades to suit your needs and project budget. As the industry experts in knives and blades of all kinds, we understand what features you need. We work to assist our customers in achieving peak efficiency and productivity with the best cutting edge products available.

Why Choose Hook Blades from American Cutting Edge?

American Cutting Edge provides you with the finest hook blades, as well as unsurpassed sales service and support. We place a high value on product quality, performance, and service. We also strive to provide timely delivery at a competitive price, offering you the best value and quality in hook blades. Providing our customers with the best is our number one priority. With over four decades of experience in the knife and blade industry, we are here to help make your purchasing process simple. Our mission is to provide our customers with the benefit of our expertise and years of experience. We strive to always reflect our motto of being the company that is “easy to do business with.”

Materials and Technical Specifications

Our hook blades are protected with corrosion and wear resistant coatings and are available in a variety of sizes and options including:

  • Sharp Hook Blades
  • Safety Hook Blades
  • Big Hook Blades

Whatever your hook blade needs, you’ll find the right choice here.


American Cutting Edge hook blades are well suited for applications involving multi-layered surfaces. Hook blades allow for the removal of surface materials such as carpet and flooring, without damaging the foundational surface.