Hobby Blades

Artists use these hobby blades for cutting, scoring, stenciling paper, wood, clay and wax. They are usually fixed in a standard hobby blade handle. Hobby blade handles come in a wide variety of sizes and quality levels. You may have seen hobby blades used in today’s popular “extreme” cake making competitions to achieve their fine detail and artistry. While sharpness and material quality always plays a role in the quality of a cut, with hobby blades, much of the end product is in the hands of the craftsman or worker who wields them. Fine precision and intricacy is the benefit of these light duty tools and a steady hand always helps!

American Cutting Edge hobby blades are well suited for applications requiring absolute precision. Where ever a standard kitchen knife or box cutter just won’t do, an American Cutting Edge hobby blade can make the ordinary, extraordinary. Our hobby blades are recognized around the world. We are proud of the pointed precision cutting edge and durability that goes into each of our hobby blades. American Cutting Edge hobby blades are designed with the user in mind. You will find our hobby blades to be high performing and comfortable to use.

Why Choose Hobby Blades from American Cutting Edge?
American Cutting Edge is the one company who can provide virtually any shape, in any different material you can imagine. We are the ultimate source for your custom industrial blades. For over 40 years we have produced blades at our own manufacturing factory in Ohio. Plus we have a number of partner factories in various countries around the world that can help us produce any industrial razor blade that we cannot economically make in-house.

We have the largest inventory of unusual blades in the entire world. There is a good chance that we can provide you with a blade from our vast inventory or can modify an existing blade to keep your costs low. We strive to make your blade purchasing process as easy as possible, by offering you the benefit of over 40 years of experience. Our motto, “easy to do business with” is reflected in our superb products and outstanding customer service.

Materials and Technical Specifications
Our 100,000 square foot facility in West Carrollton, Ohio was built just for making knives, blades and other cutting instruments. We have a huge inventory of many different materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, tool steels and tungsten carbide. We can cut out special shapes using saws, lasers and EDM machines. We can also machine special shapes using our Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines. However, our grinding equipment is our greatest strength. Applying cutting edges is one of our strong points and we have over 40 different grinders, so whatever quality of cutting edge you need, we can offer it!

Other then material selection and edge geometry, nothing is more important to a blade than heat-treating. Our large heat-treating factory is so good that we offer this as a commercial service to many other companies in our area. Our staff metallurgists can figure out the best way to give our products the proper heat treatment for the best mixture of toughness and wear resistance. Of course this is adjusted for the specific application that our customers require.

Of course we are specialty blade experts and have decades of experience in designing custom blades, including a wide variety of hobby blades. We can help you with material, heat treatment and blade geometry to keep you from making any mistakes. See us during your planning process and we can definitely save you loads of time.

Hobby blades are used around the world, not only by hobby enthusiasts, but in manufacturing applications in a wide range of industries. There are as many styles of hobby blades available as there are uses for them. Hobby blades are primarily used in industry for intricate hand trimming and precise dissection of many products including:

  • Small electronics
  • Plastics
  • Battery materials
  • Woods
  • Films
  • Foils

As must have items for “Do it yourself” and “Arts & Crafts” users, American Cutting Edge hobby blades are ideal tools for:

  • Contractors
  • Scrap-booking enthusiasts
  • Artists
  • Model builders

We also provide a variety of other standard hobby blades and custom hobby blades for:

  • Basic cutting applications
  • Intricate craft processes
  • Heavy duty trimming
  • Precision mat cutting
  • Research work

The key to selecting the right hobby blade is to think about what you expect from it. Considering the project you are doing will help you to determine what size and shape you will need. Our experts can assist you by recommending the right blade to meet your needs and ergonomic requirements.