Custom Razor Blade Quotes

American Cutting Edge is the ultimate source for your custom razor blade quote. Why? We are the one company who can provide virtually any shape, in any different material you can think of. We have our own manufacturing factory in Ohio, where we have produced blades since 1965. We also have a number of partner factories in various countries around the world that can help us produce any special blades that we cannot do in-house economically. Unlike other companies, we are not constrained by our own equipment, as we have an unlimited factory.

Our 100,000 square foot facility in West Carrollton, OH has been built just for making knives, blades and other cutting instruments. We have a huge inventory of many different materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steels and tungsten carbide. We can then cut out special shapes using saws, lasers and EDM machines. We can also machine special shapes using our Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines. However, our greatest strength is our grinding equipment. Applying cutting edges is our main forte and we have over 40 different grinders, many of them also CNC. We can offer whatever quality of cutting edge you need!

After material selection and edge geometry, nothing is more important to a blade or knife than heat-treating. Our large heat-treating factory is so good, that we offer this as a commercial service to many other companies in our area. Our staff metallurgists can figure out the best way to give our products the proper heat treatment for the best mixture of wear resistance and toughness. Of course, this is adjusted for the individual application that our customers require.

We have a special manufacturing partner for very high quality applications such as those needed by the medical industry and other high-tech products. The quality is the finest in the world and we work with them on special blades going to many of the world’s largest companies. Then we also have medium and lower cost factories that have very good quality at economical prices. These smaller factories are virtually unknown in the USA market and we do all their marketing. As one of the largest blade suppliers in the world, we contract enough production where some of our partner factories have devoted 70% to 90% of their production to our work. With this amount of product we have the ability to set pricing and organize the production as needed.

An important note is that virtually all of our partner factories are ISO certified and we can supply inspection reports prior to shipment. Some of their quality laboratories rival ours and in some lower cost factories they can actually use inexpensive labor to better their quality. You cannot afford that in the USA!

We are specialty blade experts and have decades of experience in designing custom blades. We can help you with material, heat treatment and blade geometry to keep you from making any mistakes. See us during your custom razor blade quote process and we can definitely save you loads of time.

We have the largest inventory of peculiar blades in the entire world. There is a good chance that we can provide you with a blade from our vast inventory or can modify an existing blade to keep your costs low. Our motto is: ‘Easy to do business with’, so this is one way we make this happen.