Breakaway Blades

American Cutting Edge has a full line of breakaway blades for all knife cutters. These are also called snap-off blades as the tips are snapped off after they become dull. There are several score lines on each blade that allow the tips to snap off easily, much like the top of a soft drink can. They can be a real time saver as you do not need to change the blades as often, just snap off the used end and you have a fresh cutting edge!

Olfa, in Japan, invented these types of knives as far back as the 1950’s. They are often used in scrapbooking and the graphic arts industry. As they are usually much smaller than many other hand knives, they are often used in applications where small, precise cuts are needed, rather than heavy cutting.

The two standard sizes for these blades are 9MM and 18MM wide. The 9MM is smaller and has 13 points on them. The 18MM is larger and has 9 points on them. Obviously, the narrower blades are for more precise cuts while the larger blades are for heavier cutting.

We have a full range of these knives and blades in many different qualities. We have our highest quality blades made in Germany and many of our customers who really need the best, choose these blades. We also stock these blades made from our Asian factory and while they are much more inexpensive they often work fine for many applications. We also have these same blades without the score lines on them, as some applications just need a long blade that can cut deeper than normal. One special blade that we carry is a breakaway hook blade. These blades have several hooks on them and once again they can be snapped off and thrown away when they become dull.

American Cutting Edge carries the handles for all these blades, again in various qualities. Some are very inexpensive and are completely made of plastic. They are often only used for one or two blades and then thrown away, but if you have an application that does not require much cutting, they will be fine. We also have some higher quality knives that have a metal insert in them, which gives a much longer life and more stability. Then we have our highest quality of handle, one that is made completely of metal. This knife offers the ultimate in sturdiness and long life, of course at a higher cost per knife.

We are committed to providing all the possible knives that our customers might require. We have a huge stock of all these knives and blades and can always ship out our products the same day. We pride ourselves on very good service, try us and you will see!