Blade Manufacturing

Blade manufacturing is an art that has developed from warfare, centuries ago, to the present ability to produce special cutting instruments for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. Since 1965 we have become experts at creating blades that provide durability, sharpness, and toughness to cut almost any material.

When manufacturing blades, you need to have an intricate knowledge of blade materials, heat treatment, as well as the geometries that make up the cutting edge and American Cutting Edge has all three. We use many different machines that make sure we are able to give our customers the ultimate in blade performance at an acceptable cost. Both our integral factory and our partner manufactures are able to certify to international specifications, that we have created the blade that was expected of us.

We make blades for industries such as meat and food cutting, film/foil/paper slitting, mat cutting, medical implements and many more. Not only are our engineers skilled to help you design the right blade, we also have the largest blade inventory in North America. We have literally millions of blades in stock and nearly every order from inventory will ship same day.

We can use many different materials such as Carbon and Stainless Steels as well as several types of coatings. Perhaps your application needs Boron Carbide, Titanium Carbide, Titanium Nitride or another coating? We also make and stock blades made of more exotic materials such as Zirconium Ceramics and Tungsten Carbide. American Cutting Edge has the experience to make sure you get the right blade to increase your performance.

When you need a company that can assist you all the way from design through production, we can help. We’ve handled so many custom jobs that our engineers can recommend changes or solutions to problems you may have thought were unsolvable. We have the expertise to assist you and look forward to your inquiry.

Tell us what you’re working on, and the type of blades you’re currently using. We’d love to help you double or triple your productivity.