Blade Companies

If you are looking for one of the best blade companies in the USA, look no further!  We are a quality blade company that has been producing all types of blades for over 35 years.  We have the know-how and equipment to make your blades correctly whether you are looking for surgical blades, industrial hand knives, machine knives, professional contracting tools or a blade to go in your OEM product, we can supply you with the right blade. Our equipment has been set up expressly for the manufacturing of high quality blades and much of it is CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled).  We strip grind blades to enable low costs for our customers and can also use conventional machine knife grinders or hand work to get you the right blade. No company in the world can supply the wide variety of blades we can! We presently make blades and knives from: 1095 Carbon Steel, 300 and 400 series Stainless Steel, High Speed Steel, Tungsten Carbide, Zirconium Ceramics as well as many coatings such as TiC and Boron Carbide.  We also have the know-how to help you design your blades and can use our in-house wire EDM and laser machines to produce some prototype blades to check the design.  After material selection, there is nothing more critical to a blade than proper heat-treating.  As we have a heat-treating shop onsite with metallurgist help, we can make sure the hardness of your blades is perfect. We have a huge inventory of blades and nearly every order from stock ships the same day.  We stock blades for cutting rubber, packaging, plastics, fiber, film, foil, skinning meat, mat board, construction, poultry, as well as other blades for many different uses. With our motto of “Easy to do business with”.  We can get you the credit you need to enable immediate shipment. When you need a company that can assist you all the way from design through production, we can help.  We have the expertise to assist you and look forward to your inquiry.