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American Cutting Edge makes cutting easier, from routine orders to challenging custom applications. Our solution experts partner with you to identify the right industrial knife, cutting blade or razor blade for your specific application to reduce downtime, improve throughput, and extend blade or knife life. We can also help you manage your inventory or precision sharpen older blades.

  • Converting & Slitter Blades and Knives, Core Cutter Blades

    Engineered to match or exceed OEM standards, American Cutting Edge offers precision ground converting knives, knife holders, and slitter blades…

  • Fiber & Fiberglass

    Whether you’re in the textile, fiber, composite or fiberglass industries, American Cutting Edge offers solutions with chopper gun blades, hook…

  • Food Processing Blades

    American Cutting Edge stocks a wide variety of food processing industry blades, knives, and wear parts including food processor blades…

  • Granulator Knives

    American Cutting Edge stocks a variety of plastic recycling knives including thousands of granulator knives and shredder blades, compatible with…

  • Hobby Blades

    Hobby blades are versatile, easy-to-use, precision cutters that are primarily used by hand for intricate trimming. They can be used…

  • Ice Resurfacing

    New or replacement Ice Resurfacing Knives, available from stock for Zamboni and Olympia ice resurfacing machines. Other standard and custom…

  • Industrial Knives and Blades

    Find our available industrial knives and blades including hook blades and other industrial machine knives. With 50+ years of experience,…

  • Packaging Knives

    As a major supplier of packaging knives and knife manufacturers in the USA, we provide V-Tooth, Scalloped Tooth, Serrated Tooth,…

  • Pelletizing

    Plastic Extrusion and Pelletizer Knives and Blades American Cutting Edge offers pelletizing blades for plastic extrusion machines and underwater pelletizers.…

  • Single Shaft Shredders

    50 years of expertise in manufacturing industrial machine knives assures you are provided cutting inserts that will maximize your shredders.

  • Tire Recycling

    Find a large inventory of high-alloy, high wear-resistant replacement knives and wear parts designed to increase performance. American Cutting Edge…

  • Wood Chipper Blades and Knives

    Shop Online for American Cutting Edge brand industrial wood chipper knives compatible with Vermeer Chipper Knives and Asplundh Chipper Blades.…


More than just blades and knives.

Whether you want what’s in stock or you need a custom industrial knife designed and manufactured, we’ll deliver exactly what you need quickly and efficiently. That’s the ACE commitment.

INCREASE YOUR UPTIME with high-quality raw materials and cutting application evaluations by industry experts.

We’ll provide complimentary failure analysis, assess your cutting operation, and review your current blade or knife challenges.

ACE engineers will then recommend ways to reduce downtime and improve profitability via increased wear and fewer changeouts.

MEET PRODUCTION REQUIREMENTS by consulting with our team of industry experts.

Our in-house engineers and specialists are accessible, knowledgeable, and committed to helping you meet your business goals on time and on budget. American Cutting Edge is committed to becoming your blade partner and assisting you in your business goals.

FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS not your inventory.

ACE understands the unique needs of businesses and provides bottom-line value by providing inventory management services including warehouse and stock rotation agreements and extended terms so you can focus on your customers while meeting business goals at the same time.


Custom parts designed to your exact specification

Find cutting solutions to problems that require specialized, engineered assistance and custom blade parts designed to your exact specification – no drawings required.

Specialty Materials & Coatings

Gain greater wear and reduce the number of changeouts required for your industrial knives and blades. Different coatings and specialty materials can greatly enhance performance and reduce costs.

Sharpening Services

Get more life from your industrial machine knives and razors and greater machine performance through our sharpening and grinding services.


American Cutting Edge simplifies the cutting process by offering custom industrial knife and blade design, precision blade sharpening, inventory and supply management, and expert consulting services. Let American Cutting Edge become your partner in all things knives and blades.

Custom Knife and Razor Design

  • If you can imagine it, we can build it
  • Straight, round, toothed, beveled, with or without handles
  • Packaged for direct sale or bulk packed for production lines


Supporting Services

  • Precision sharpening
  • Heat treating & cryogenics
  • Grinding
  • Coating
  • Failure analysis


Supply Management

  • Same day shipping on in-stock items
  • Stock rotation agreements
  • Extended terms


Expert Consulting

  • Consultations with in-house engineers
  • Expert failure evaluations
  • Recommendations to improve cutting efficiency
  • Raw material assessments



The Technical Handbook For Industrial Knives

Download the American Cutting Edge Technical Handbook for Industrial Knives to gain professional insight on steel information, blade coating materials and their effectiveness, and the different grinding types and terminology of knives.

Since 1965, American Cutting Edge has been a market leader in the design and manufacturing of industrial machine knives and razors. Our extensive product selection provides same-day shipping of a wide array of granulating, pelletizing, food and meat processing, wood chipping, converting, textile and fiber processing, flooring, and steel cutting knives and razors.

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Packaging Machine Knife Success Stories

As a true partner with over 50-years of industrial cutting blade experience, American Cutting Edge is often called upon to help customers and their engineering staff overcome their more difficult cutting blade challenges. We see a host of cutting applications daily and frequently provide expert advice on everything from raw material selection to maintenance and blade replacement scheduling.

Cutting shouldn’t be difficult.

We deliver the knives and razors you need, on-time.